Etosha National Park

Entrance Gates

Etosha National Park is accessible through four gates:

  • Anderson’s Gate is on the southern end of the park and can be reached on the C38 via Outjo. The closest camp is Okaukuejo.
  • Von Lindequist Gate lies in the east and connects to the B1. Tsumeb is the closest town to this gate and Namutoni Camp is only a short drive from the gate.
  • Galton Gate lies on the south-western end of the park.
  • King Nehale Lya Mpingana Gate is in the northern end of the park and is 48km from the main road to Ondangwa.

Entrance Fees

Entrance fees to be paid at the gate*:

  • Adults (foreign) is NAD 150-00 per adult per day
  • Adults (SADC) is NAD 100-00 per adult per day
  • Adults (Namibian) is NAD 50-00 per adult per day
  • Children under 16 years are free of charge
  • Vehicles with 10 seats or less are NAD 50-00 per vehicle per day
  • Vehicles with 11-25 seats are NAD 100-00 per vehicle per day
  • Vehicles with 26-50 seats are NAD 400-00 per vehicle per day
  • Vehicles with 51+ seats are NAD 700-00 per vehicle per day

*Fees subject to change without prior notice

Opening Times and Closing Times

The times change weekly and are based on Sunrise and Sunset.

Please Note: When entering Etosha National Park, every visitor has to show proof of identification, either in form of a passport, drivers license or ID due to the poaching incidents.

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