Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park has 6 camps which are available to the public. The most famous and oldest camps are Okaukuejo in the South (Andersson’s Gate), Halali (which is situated between Okaukeujo and Namutoni), Namutoni and Onkoshi which are located on the North Eastern side of the park (Von Lindguist Gate).

In the Western part of the park you have Dolomite camp and the newest camp Olifantsrus, which only has camping facilities. Planning your trip can be challenging at times, especially for those who are visiting the park for the first time.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • There are numerous gates from which to enter or exit the park.
  • Distances between the different camps in particular Dolomite and the next nearest camp which is Okaukeujo. Please see distance chart (map)
  • There is a speed limit in the park and with possible sightings on route make sure you plan for enough time to get from one camp to another.
  • Have a look at the map to see where the different camps are situated and plan a logical route.

Travelers Looking To Use The Camping Facilities In The Park

If you are planning a camping trip to the park you only have four options in term of camps. You can only utilize the older camps, Okaukeujo, Halali, Namutoni and the newest camp Olifantsrus in the western part of the park. If you are travelling from Windhoek, the nearest gate will be Andersson’s gate in the South (+/- 420km’s away). If you are coming from the North Eastern side of Namibia we would suggest entering the Von Lindguist gate. This is the gate nearest to Namutoni. If you enter from the Western side you can now camp at Olifantsrus.

Travelling from Windhoek or the South exiting in the East:

  1. Stay over at Okaukeujo a night or more
  2. Stay over at Halali and then onto
  3. Namutoni depending on how many days you have

Travelling from the East or Northern Namibia to the South:

  1. Stay over at Namutoni
  2. Move onto Halali
  3. Stay at Okaukeujo where you can also exit to the south or you can
  4. Finish in the western part of the park is now possible with Olifantsrus campsite.

Travelers Looking To Use The Lodge And Chalets Facilities

If you are looking to use the lodges and chalets then you have the option of using all five camps. This obviously depends on how much time you have, how much driving you want to do and obviously, subject to availability. The two fairly new camps (Dolomite and Onkoshi) only cater for people looking for a bit more luxury. A large portion of the park was a restricted area but now, if you are staying at Dolomite, you can drive through this area. Dolomite has also opened its gates to visitors who are coming from the West of Namibia, but only if you are staying at Dolomite.  Having access to all these camps also means that there is more planning required.

Travelling from the West of Namibia through the park to the East:

  1. Start your stay at Dolomite Camp as the distance between the Western gate and the next camp at Okaukeujo is a really long drive.
  2. Next stop Okaukeujo, we always suggest more nights here if you can.
  3. If time allows you can visit Halali or even head straight onto Namutoni
  4. Onkoshi is also an option from Halali or Namutoni

Travelling from the East of Namibia through the park to the South or West:

  1. Stay over at Namutoni
  2. Move onto Halali or straight to Okaukeujo
  3. If you have time then visit Dolomite in the West

These are just some ideas to help you plan your trip. Dolomite is a long drive from Okaukuejo (please see distance chart) but if you have the time, it is well worth visiting.  There is something unique about every camp in Etosha National Park and each camp has different vegetation which will affect the animals in that area.