Scorpion Hill Puts A Sting in Etosha’s Poaching Pandemic

Rhinos and elephants are arguably the most significant animals, and high value species in Namibia – both ecologically and economically, but with the ever-increasing illegal hunting epidemic… we may very well drive these magnificent animals into local extinction. Overall, wildlife is the driver of the tourism industry, and this industry has a major socio-economic influence [...]

Lions escape from Etosha

Back in February, two young male lions escaped from Etosha National Park, killing three oxen and a dog in a nearby village. No humans have been harmed by the lions. Following an intervention by officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, one of the lions was killed after it reportedly showed signs of aggression [...]

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New school at Namutoni for Etosha residents?

Namutoni Camp, Etosha A new primary school is being envisioned at Etosha National Park’s Namutoni Camp. Deliberations are currently underway within the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture in the region to have the idea formally presented for implementation. […]

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Best photos of the week at Etosha National Park

We're loving these Instagram uploads taken from this week at Etosha. Remember to use #Etosha in your posts so we can see yours! A photo posted by Paula (@paula_sc98) on Apr 8, 2016 at 5:22am PDT A photo posted by Werner Müller-Schell (@wernermuellerschell) on Apr 8, 2016 at 1:57am PDT A photo posted by Travel/health/food [...]

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How Not to Get Charged by a Rhino

In February this year, an amazing video of a black rhino charging and headbutting a vehicle in our very own Etosha National Park quickly went viral. With the video still doing the rounds on various platforms, we thought it might be a good time to post a few tips on how to minimize the chances [...]