About Christopher Clark

Christopher Clark is a British freelance journalist based in Cape Town. After travelling to more than 50 countries worldwide, he came to Africa on a one way ticket in 2008, in search of sunshine and stories. He writes for various regional and international publications including Traveller24, Africa Geographic, Daily Maverick, Sawubona, Fodor's Travel and World Travel Guide. He has twice been featured by The Big Issue as one of the best writers in South Africa..

Etosha in October

All images courtesy of the author I'm just back from my third Namibia trip of the year, and my second to Etosha (it's a tough gig, this travel journalism thing). I was last in Etosha in April, just after the rainy season. Visiting in October for the first time was an entirely different [...]

How Giraffes Drink

Anyone who has seen a giraffe drink knows it’s a funny sight, and rather an awkward-looking procedure for the giraffe. But how many of us have really thought about how it’s even possible for this giant to get water all the way up that long neck and into its stomach? […]

By |February 5th, 2016|Wildlife|

5 Reasons to Visit Etosha in 2016

Courtesy of www.mazzaliarmadi.it With the start of each New Year, Namibia becomes increasingly ever-present on the ubiquitous lists of "must visits" for the year ahead. Anyone that's been lucky enough to visit Namibia before knows the wealth of attractions and the sheer wonder of the place. The unique and awe-inspiring Etosha National Park [...]