CONSERVATION: Not just for Animals

Conservation is an ethic of resource use, allocation, and protection with a primary focus of maintaining the health of the natural world. We do this to protect our fauna, flora, habitats and non-renewable resources from extinction. To conserve habitats in terrestrial eco-regions and to stop deforestation is a goal widely shared by many groups with [...]

A rhino named Karma

SUSPECTED poacher injured by charging rhino in Etosha National Park Warrant officer Simson Shilongo of the police in Kunene told The Namibian yesterday that alleged poachers had entered Etosha National Park illegally with the intent to poach rhino. One of the poachers – Luteni Muharukua (age unknown) – was left injured after a rhino he was [...]

Lions escape from Etosha

Back in February, two young male lions escaped from Etosha National Park, killing three oxen and a dog in a nearby village. No humans have been harmed by the lions. Following an intervention by officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, one of the lions was killed after it reportedly showed signs of aggression [...]

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Beat the crowds at Olifantsrus Camp

Olifantsrus Camp is Etosha's newest camp, the only camp in the park to offer an all camping experience, and the only campsite in the western section of the park. While most visitors to Etosha continue to stick to the routes and camps in the east of the park around the fringes of the Etosha Pan, [...]

The best of Etosha on Instagram last week

As we approach Christmas, many of us will be winding down and looking forward to the holidays, and some may have already signed off until 2017. But in Etosha, the action never stops, even with the oppressive December heat, as our latest best of Instagram shows. Don't forget to post your own iconic Etosha images [...]

New school at Namutoni for Etosha residents?

Namutoni Camp, Etosha A new primary school is being envisioned at Etosha National Park’s Namutoni Camp. Deliberations are currently underway within the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture in the region to have the idea formally presented for implementation. […]

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